Role Of Psychology In Modern World


Today, psychology has not one dominate school of thought. Psychologists are now more likely to have an eclectic approach to the study of behavior and mental processes combining theories and method from a verity of sources. The current major approaches to the study of psychology include biological, psychoanalytic, behavioral, cognitive and humanistic.

Biological approach studies nervous system, genes and other biological processes that underlie behavior. Psychoanalytic approach emphasizes unconscious motivation of behavior. Behavioral approach focuses on fundamental causes of behavior. cognitive approach includes the study of mental process such as thinking, perception and the like. Humanistic approach stresses human potential and uniqueness.

All these approaches are used to study different aspects of psychology. The psychologists, psychology is the study of behavior and mental process. Behavior is generally defined as anything we do especially if it can be observed, such as eating, talking, writing, or fighting. Mental process include cognitive activity, like dreaming, thinking, remembering, or problem solving. These cognitive activities are usually not directly observable, are often studies through reports provided by human research subjects, or by sensitive apparatus. Behavior and mental process are related to our biological or psychological process that is another area of scientific study, for instance, brain wave activities during dreaming or thinking, heart rate during strong emotion or fighting, or blood chemistry changes during eating.

When psychologists speak of studying behavior, their interests are equally broad. To them, behavior includes observable actions, mental/cognitive activities and psychological processes.
psychology is a fascinating discipline that touches every aspect of our life. It has evolved from a narrow field that emphasized immediate experience into a diverse discipline with a variety of goals and procedures. The ultimate aim of psychology is to understand behavior.

Psychologists seek to understand behavior through Four(4) basis goals:

  • Description
  • Prediction
  • explanation
  • control

 They also utilize different scientific methods of research in which hypotheses are tested, data are interpreted and result are published. Basic research is conducted to obtain information for its own sake, whereas applied research is conducted to help solve practical problems.
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