co-education means educating the boys and girls in the same institution. It is a modern concept. It was first introduced in Switzerland but later on it become very popular in every country. It was adopted by other countries of the West like Germany, France, Canada, Russia and America. In the Eastern countries this concept of co-education is making headway slowly. In our country, it is popular only in vocational institutions.
There exists two school of thoughts who differ sharply in their views about co-education. One group of people favors Co-education. It includes the people who are educated in the western traditions. They put forward the following points:
1: First, they say that we should adopt co-education in our school and colleges because our country is poor and under-developed. We cannot open separate schools and colleges separately both for boys and girls. This difficulty becomes very great in case of vocational and technical institutions. It is very difficult for the Government to open separate vocational colleges both for the boys and girls and equip them with necessary scientific apparatus and library.
2: Second, there is a great dearth of skilled teachers on technical subject in our country. That is why, it is desirable to educate the boys and girls in the same institution.  
3: Third there is another advantage of co-education, the boys and girls have to play an important part in their practical life in the national progress of their country. They begin to have an understanding of each other at the college level. Co-education also produces in both the sexes a healthy competition in their studies. The boys also become more civilized and polished in the presence of girls. They try to approach the girls like sensible and civilized human being. The girls also stand  to gain something in the presence of boys. A mystery seems to spread round both sexes if they are kept separated from each other. If they are allowed to mix with each other, it is bound to produce in them a spirit a good will, trust and mutual understanding.

1: First, in a hot country, like Pakistan , co-education makes the boys and girls alive to sex matters. The boys begin to run after girls. The girls also feel proud of their boy friend. Thus, this tendency make them neglect their studies. Moreover, the girls lose their feminine qualities. They lose feminine charm as well.
2: Second, the period of youth is characterized by irresponsibility and immaturity. They fear that free mixing both the sexes will lead to terrible consequence. This free contact will result in laxity of morals. The youth of both the sexes will be corrupted by free mixing. Colleges will be converted into romantic arbors. Cupid will have a free rein. There would be Romeos  and Juliet's in the colleges. Ugly sense would be a common occurrence. Chastity is the greatest ornament of women. If they once lose it, they lose their place in society permanently. That is why our, religion forbids the free mixing of men and women at any stage of life. Therefore, it is false rationality to teach them in the same institution.  
The boys and girls in our country have to play different roles in their life. The girls has to run her home. Man has to earn his living. The courses taught to the girls should be different from those taught to the boys. Co-education does not encourage this tendency.
We should not introduce it at the university level, because it has many harms. However, we can continue it at the primary stage. 

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