The Value of advertisment


We live in age of competition. In this age, advertising has gained a great importance. The business activity in the country mainly depends on advertisements. Only those goods are accepted as popular which put up a brave show. By means of advertisement, the manufacturer of a product introduces it in market. Without advertisement, we shall not know the range of products available in the field.
Advertisement has age-long history. In the past, the things were advertised and made popular by the beating of drums. But in the modern age, the mean of advertising have changed. By modern mean of mass media , we introduce our products in the market. We can say that advertising is a means to communicate to public the merits of different products and goods. It is done by mean of newspapers, placards, posters, handbills, radio and television.
There are many agencies which promote advertisement:
First, T.V. is the most modern mean of promoting advertisement. The products display on T.V. conquer our sense of sight and hearing. They sweep us away with them. We are forced to form favorable opinion about the things so advertised.
Second, the newspaper also advertise things which facilities a communication between buyer and seller. Advertisements related to the sale of cars, houses, shops, factories no doubt produce great facility for the buyer and the seller. It is through advertisement that the eligible bachelors get their brides and unemployed get jobs.
Thirdly, there are advertising agencies in big cities. They aim at boosting up an article by clever methods. Even substandard products find their way in the market. Sometimes they go to a ridiculous length while praising a thing. Advertisements dealing with after shave lotion, oil turning the hair dark, perfumes, cosmetics and shampoos turn out mere trash when actual product is bought.
The advertiser makes his product attractive and popular by means of regular propaganda. He knows human psychology and goes on introducing one modern product after the other. A modern man is a great friend of advertiser. An advertiser is well versed in the art of judging human nature. He exploits our sense of taste. He also exploits the knowledge of modern science to make his advertisement popular and effective.
Advertisement has many advantages, First, it produces an urge for better standard of living. It sets up before a person the goal of a better home, better clothing and better food.
Secondly, it brings the producer and the consumer close together. Thirdly, it boosts up business and promotes business activity.
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