Importance Of English In Modern Age


English is an old language. It come into the sub-continent India with the English rulers. Since then, the people of sub-continent have been under the influence of English. It was Sir Syyed Ahmed Khan who urged the Muslims to study English. His efforts in this context are praiseworthy. Under his advice, the Muslim learnt English and began to compete with the Hindus in every field of life. Had they not learnt English, they would have remained backward. The importance of English in the modern world can be studies under the following topics:

English is almost an international language: 
It is spoken and read in almost every country of the world. It has linked various parts of the world and has promoted understanding among people of different countries. Its knowledge is essential for the promotion of international understanding. Pakistan is a country where people love to speak and study in their mother tongue. They like to speak Punjabi, Urdu, Sindhi, Balouchi and Pushto. English is the only language which can foster unity among the people of our provinces.

English has become a language of knowledge and learning:
All our scientific and technical knowledge is present in this language. It deals with commerce and trade. All our foreign trade is done through this language. The knowledge of medicine, engineering, technology, surgery and military equipment is communicated to us in this language. The best in poetry, drama and other branches of literature is found in English. No other language of the world gives us standard terminology and symbols in various branches of science and technology. Knowledge of English is compulsory for getting employment at home and abroad. English has played a very important role in our struggle for independence. All the activities in this respect we carried through the medium of English.
We cannot do away with English. It has its roots very deep in our society. It has been an official language for more than two centuries in the sub-continent India. It is used in the working of our executive and judiciary. It is taught in our schools and colleges and universities. The doctors, engineers, teachers and other educated people use this language for communication of ideas. Our educated people have great love for it. The importance of Urdu language cannot be underrated, but it is still in its infancy. It cannot compete with English as regards its vocabulary and scope. We can say that the future of English in Pakistan is quite safe. We cannot do away with it. 
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