Role of Information Technology


We live in a highly scientific and industrial world. Modern inventions in the field of communication have revolutionized every field of life. Information technology has undergone a revolution at a faster speed than any other branch of human advancement.
Radio and T.V, have been eclipsed before the new advancement of information system. The old information system of the world relied on the libraries. Book, magazines and newspapers were the major source of information in the past.

Then came wireless, radio and T.V. Now computer have conquered the market. Practically the information technology has been changing everyday.
Information technology consist of three things; transmission, recording of memory and processing on information. Computers form a major segment of new information technology. Now different countries of the world are interlinked with one another. 

Internet connections are very popular. Internet clubs are connecting the world in the social, political and economic fields. There have been a tremendous bombardment of information from all sides. Now information are being collected about goods, marketing, politics and other affairs of the life from all over the world.


1: All the paper knowledge has been transferred to the C.D (computer disk) of computers. We can get information and knowledge of all important books on medicine, engineering, arts, science and commerce on our computers. We do not have to wait for days and weeks to collect the information about ant topic of knowledge from abroad. The internet connection are becoming very popular now a days. Through the E-mail, Fax or internet phones it is possible to get information on time. With the help of phones we get any information from abroad in a moment and at a very cheap rate.

2: In the advanced countries of world, the students are gaining a lot of knowledge about language, art and science through their computers. Mass education can also be given to illiterate and uneducated people of our country through this electronic media. Soon there will be available personal computers to everybody in the country. They can fight ignorance, backwardness and illiteracy.

3: Recent development in the field of information technology system are a gift of modern science to mankind but its free use has also given rise to some serious social problems.

4: The entertainment programs presented by computers, internet, phones and other electronic media are very harmful to the students. The divert their attention from studies. They are absorbed and lost in the attractive and charming music and songs programs. Then they have a free hand to see and watch vulgar and sex dominated films. These vulgar films with the dance of half naked girls and obscene songs are bound to produce a negative influence on the morals, and manners of the students.
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