What is Psychology


Psychology is the scientific study of behavior. It is not only to understand people but has also great practical implication for society. It includes not just what people do but also their thoughts, feelings, perception, memories, reasoning processes, and even in one sense, the biological activities that keep their bodies functioning.
When psychologists speak of "studying" behavior, their interests are equally broad. It is not enough simply to describe behavior. As with another science--and psychologists clearly consider their discipline a science--psychology attempts to explain, direct, modify, and ultimately improve the lives of the people and the world in which they live.
Psychologists seek to achieve these goals through scientific methods. They do not consider it sufficient to rely on insight, intuition, and logic to study behavior, too often, people are simply wrong their guesses about human behavior (Kuhn, 1990).
By using scientific procedures, psychologists are able to fine answers to questions about the nature of human behavior that are far more valid than that what mere intuition and guesses provide. And what a variety and range of questions psychologists pose.


  • How do we see colors?
  • What is intelligence    ?       
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