Water Crisis

Water is a great endowment and blessing of God to man. Without water, life in this world is impossible. Water gives life and energy to everything. It is essential for the life and survival of human being, birds, beasts, plants and trees. It is the main source of energy and power. We use it for cooking our food and quenching our thirst. It is the main source of irrigating our field. Without it we can not conceive of life on the earth.
Unfortunately, this great gift and blessing of God has been wasted and ill used by the people of  world and especially in Pakistan people no care about water and waste huge amount of water every day. We have never paid any attention to preserve and save this great treasure of Nature. There are many areas in Pakistan where people do not get water for drinking purpose. In the interior Sind, and Baluchistan, there are many towns and villages where people have to carry water from as far as thirty or forty kilometers away from their homes. The women, children, and old men have to undertake long journey to carry water for their daily use. This is a very sad spectacle . The sources of getting water are very few and limited. Water is present in the subsoil of earth. It is brought to earth by the operation of tube wells and electric motors. The other source of water is the rivers, lakes and streams. Water comes into rivers and streams by the melting of massive icebergs and glaciers.
This source of getting water is quite doubtful and uncertain. Sometimes, the summer season beings late and these icebergs and glaciers are not melted in time. Consequently, the rivers and lakes become dry and barren. The country falls a victim to the shortage of water.
In 1960, a treaty between ❝Pakistan and India❞ was signed with World Bank Meditation. The treaty is known as the Indian Basin Treaty. According to it, the control of waters of Ravi, Bias, and Sutleg was given to India. It was decided that the India Govt. would help Pakistan in the construction of two large dams on the Indus and the Jhelum. But this was never fulfilled. Indian Govt. often stopped the flow of water in our rivers when it liked, out sheer enmity.
The only way to overcome water crisis is to build dams on the rivers banks. The earliest dams were built to store water for domestic and agriculture. Hydro power became a major reason t build new dams.
The construction of Kalabagh Dam is the need of the time. If it is not built in time, our country is going to face severe starvation and famine.

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