T.V is the latest and wonderful invention of science. In the recent past, the dish antenna was used to receiving signals from T.v station. A large concave reflector was used to receive radial waves from outer space or from T.V station. It has now been replaced by the cable. The dish antenna is no longer in use.

The new system of receiving signals from the T.V station is manipulated by the cable companies. The cable companies use very huge and professional antenna with modern and sophisticated mechanism and satellite station to telecast the programs of T.V station. The cable has also added great comfort to the users of cable. The users of internet enjoy all type of programs, when connected with the cable system.

The cable plays an important role in connecting us with other parts of the world within no time. It has turned the entire world into a global village. Now it has become possible for a television viewer to watch and see programs going on at any T.V station. It has become a matter of mood and choice to switch on any channel and watch the T.V program of your liking. This has linked us with the entire world.

The cable has provided us an opportunity to have the latest information of anything within no time. It has become a means to furnish us news about any incident going on in any part of the world.

Let a person commit any crime. It is sure to brief us about it within fraction of a second. Let a person beat his wife. The cable is there to make a record of it. It enters our private and public life. If a government is toppled down in any part of the world, the cable is there to connect us with its minor details. It give us information of the business trends of various things supplied to the market. The communication of news and pictures from one part of the world to the other stir our imagination and we are loaded with a treasure of information within no time. The cable has replaced the newspapers and magazines. The published material which used to furnish us information in the past has been put to the shade.

'' The cable has provided us a rich source of entertainment.''

Now we do not depend on our own songs, films and plays being telecast. We can switch on our T.V and a whole world of entertainment is before us. We may choose the form of entertainment according to our own mood. The cable has bestowed upon us great choice and opportunity to be entertained. There is no limit to it. It has enable us to judge which T.V station is dong better. We are always after the best...A comparative study of different channels-----is there to broaden our vision. The competition among different T.V channels has urged them to prepare better programs for their viewers. The spirit of competition has urged each one of them to strive for the better and excellent.

Now the monopoly of one T.V station on our time on our time and attention is over. Different channels with their colorful programs of entertainment and information may catch our attention. Our own T.V channel can only survive if it competes with other T.V channels.

'' The cable has entered all fields of our life with its rapid means of information and entertainment.''

Our education, travel, industry and business all depend on it. Its influence on our social, cultural and economic life cannot be set aside by any other means of information. Worldwide information and entertainment at one time is not possible by any other scientific discovery.


However the cable has its negative points also,

  • The use of internet, and T.V viewing can open the doors to a complex kind of cultural invasion.
  • The roots of our own culture are likely to be eroded.
  • The various forms of songs, dances, forms of worship, celebration of event may upset our mind and confuse us.
  • Morals can be affected badly.


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