Hypercalcemia, Kidney Problems & their Cures


The processes of kidney may be disturbed due to physiologic, morphologic and hormonal disturbances.


(a)Hyper Calcemia (Calcium Stone Formation): An excess of calcium in the blood is called hypercalcemia.

  • Excess amount of calcium deposits as a stone.
  • Excessive PTH secretions and excessive vitamin D ingestion may cause hyper-calcemia.
  • The stone formation is metabolic disease.
  • Materials like stones etc in the kidney become the reason of urinary obstruction and complications due to infections.
  • Several kinds of cancer also cause hypercalcemia is the result of abnormal homeostasis of calcium.
(b) Hyperoxaluria (Calcium Oxalate Stone): An excess of oxalates gives the result of calcium oxalate stones.So extra oxalates is the reason of abnormal homeostasis.
★ Green vegetable and tomatoes may be the reason hyperoxaluria.
In patients, there are 70% calcium oxalate types stones in kidneys.

(c) Stones Of Calcium Phosphate: The incidence of calcium of calcium phosphate stones is 15%.

(d) Stones Of Uric Acid: The stones of uric acid are found 10% in kidneys of patient.

(e) Stones Formation: When salt are precipitated out during urine formation and accumulate later to form stone.

The stones of kidneys may be removed by following ways:

(a)Surgery: The kidneys stones may be removed by kidney surgery.It is general technique.

(b)Lithotripsy: Now a day, a non surgical technique is used to remove the stones from kidneys, ureter or gall bladder.This technique is famous as lithotripsy. 
  • In lithotripsy different kinds of wave shocks are utilized to remove stones.
  • The most common lithortripsy is extra-corporeal shock wave lithortripsy.
  • The shock waves break the stones in tiny pieces or into sand.
  • Ultimately, these tiny pieces are passed out through the urine body in urine.
  • High concentrations of X-ray or Ultrasound are directed from a machine outside the body to stone inside.
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