Human Male reproductive System

External Genitalia:
Male reproductive system consists of external genitalia which consist of a pair of testes which lie outside the body, in the sac like scrotum.
Man reproductive organ which is used to transfer the sperms into the female productive tract.


                  The Male Reproductive System

      Component                                           Function

         Testes                                                                                    Produce sperm and male sex steroids
         Epididymes                                                                          Store sperm
         Vasa deferentia                                                                    Conduct semen to urethra
         Sex accessory glands                                                           Produce similar fluid that sperm.
         Urethra                                                                                Conduct sperm to outside
         Penis                                                                                    Organ of copulation
         Scrotum                                                                              Provides proper temperature for testes

Each testis consists of highly complex duct system called seminiferous tubules, in which repeated division by the cells of the germinal epithelium produce spermatogonia.

These increase in size and differentiate into primary spermatocytes which undergo meiotic division to form secondary spermatocytes and spermatids.
Eventually the spermatids differentiate into mature sperms.

              Spermatocytes  ⟶  Spermatids  ⟶  Sperms

Fluid secreted by sertoli cells provides liquid medium , protection and nourishment to sperms while they are in the tubules.

The sperms are then transferred to the main duct of the male reproductive tract, the vas deferens, which forms highly convoluted epididymis.

Discharge Of Sperms:
The sperms then pass through the urogenital duct and are discharged out. 
The male reproductive system consists of two testes that produce sperms, ducts that carry the sperm and various glands. 

Between the seminiferous tubules are interstitial cells which secrete testosterone.

This hormone is essential for the successful of sperms and also control the development of male secondary sexual characteristics during pubert

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