Introduction to Biochemistry,

Foundations of Biochemistry

Learning Objectives
  • Distinguishing features of living organisms
  • Structure and function of cells and organelles
  • Roles of small and large biomolecules
  • Energy transformation in living organisms
  • Regulation of metabolism and catalysis
  • Coding of genetic information in DNA
  • Mutation, selection and evolution
  • Molecular phylogeny



Chapter 1 :

Introduction to Biochemistry


What is Biochemistry?

  • In previous classes you have encountered aspects of this subject in
  • Chemistry and Biology
  • In this course you will be introduced more complex but exciting concepts in Biochemistry
  • Biochemists use basic laws of

Chemistry, Biology and Physics to explain?

Processes of living cells

  • Even though the word Biochemistry has become common place in our language, a concise meaningful definition is difficult
  • Simplest definition is:
“The chemistry of the living cell”
  • Overall goal of biochemistry is to describe:
“life’s processes at the level of molecules”


ØAll biological processes including vision, digestion, thinking, motion, immunity and disease conditions result from the actions of molecules
ØTherefore, in order to describe these processes …? One must have a

  1. Knowledge of chemical structures of participating molecules (Conformational study)
  2. Understanding of the biological function of cellular molecules (Informational)
  3. Study of energy flow is living system ---- (Bioenergetics)

Brief History of Biochemistry

ØPhysical Science 
(Chemistry, Physics)
ØBiological Science 

Biochemistry-Molecular Biology
ØThe term molecular biology was first coined in 1938 by Rockefeller Foundation
ØBiochemistry and molecular biology have similar goals; however, their approaches to solving problems have been different in the past:
Molecular biologists– emphasize the study of genetic materials (RNA and DNA), especially its role in biological information transfer and they use more biological experimental approaches involving organisms, recombinant DNA and molecular genetics
Biochemists– focus on the structure and function of all biomolecules and energy relationships among them.
ØIn fact, most scientists consider the fields to be the same.

ØBoth becoming indistinguishable because they seek answers to the same question: what is life?

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