The word ''pollution'' mean the destruction of the purity of atmosphere. The pollution of atmosphere is not a new problem. In the past, this problem did not pose a threat to the health of the people. But under modern condition of life, this problem has assumed an alarming proportion. Every country of the world is faced with this problem. Even America, Britain and Japan are worried about pollution. They are making serious efforts to overcome it. It has posed a serious threat to the life of living species. Our rivers, seas, land and air have become polluted. The animal and other living species cannot survive in the dirty atmosphere.

''There are many factor which corrupt and pollute the atmosphere.'' 

(i) First is the ''uncontrolled growth of technology and vast industrial production.'' The mills factories and foundries emit smoke, gases and poisonous fumes and in this way corrupt the atmosphere.

(ii) Second, the discharge of the gases and poisonous smoke is infecting rivers, lakes and oceans. The massive use of pesticides corrupt the atmosphere also. Apart from this, the countryside is being effected by the radiation and waste disposal of nuclear power.

(iii) Third, the ever increasing pollution of the world has also contributed to the uncleanliness of the atmosphere.

(iv) The automobile like buses, cars, rickshaws etc emit smoke in large quantity and defile the environment. 

(v) Man has restored to the game of destroying trees, plants and natural sights in order to fulfill his material needs.

Pakistan is an under developed country. It is also faced with the problem of pollution. Pakistan has a high rate of pollution growth. It has spread a network of mills, factories and foundries. Science and technology have occupied the scene. The use of automobiles has multiplied. The land has been turned barren by the use of pesticides. The government of Pakistan is fully aware of the seriousness of this problem. A national pollution ordinance is on the anvil.

Pollution is a serious danger to the health of man, living species, crops and animals. If it is not checked, it would endanger animal and human life. It will cause many ailments to men. This problem has become, more grave for us because we depend too much on waterways. Our crops, our fields and our forests will soon disappear.

Our government should take effective steps to improve the quality of atmosphere. All activities which pollute the atmosphere must be curtailed.
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