Biology Part 1 Intermediate - Solved Guess Paper No. 1 MCQS

Biology Intermediate Part - 1 (11th Class)

Guess Paper No. 1

Total Marks: 17                                (Objective Type)                             Time Allowed: 20 minutes

Q. 1 You have four choices for each objective type question as A, B, C and D. The choice which you think is correct; fill that circle in front of that question number. User marker or pen to fill the circles. Cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero mark in that questions.

(i) Following structure is not concerned with lipid metabolism:
(A)   SER                                        (B)   Glyoxisome
(C)   Mitochondria                          (D)   None of these

(ii) Nucleoli are not:
(A)   Darkly stained                        (B)   Membranous
(C)   Variable in number                 (D)   Factory of ribosome

(iii) Total animals, which have been discovered so far are:
(A)   0.5 million                              (B)   1.5 million
(C)   2.5 million                              (D)   3.5 million

(iv) Word vaccination was first used by:
(A)   Edward Jenner                         (B)   Louis Pasteur
(C)   Robert Koch                             (D)   C. Linnacus

(v) Which of the following is not an infectious disease?
(A)   Polio                                        (B)   Typhoid
(C)   Rabies                                      (D)   Cancer

(vi) Which is considered as small virus?
(A)   Polio virus                                (B)   Retrovirus
(C)   Small pox                                 (D)   HIV

(vii) Feature not related to lytic cycle:
(A)   Adsorption                               (B)   Penetration
(C)   Injection                                   (D)   Induction

(viii) Polio virus most commonly affects:
(A)   Peripheral nerves                     (B)   Spinal cord
(C)   Brain                                        (D)   None of these

(ix) In small pox, areas which contain pus are called:
(A)   Pustules                                    (B)   Scars
(C)   Pocks                                        (D)   None of these

(x) Which of the following disease can develop autoimmunity?
(A)   Influenza                                  (B)   Hepatitis
(C)   Measles                                    (D)   Herpes simplex

(xi) Following statement is incorrect about HIV:
(A)   Enveloped virus                               (B)   Attached to WBC through receptor
(C)   Transcriptase converts RNA into DNA        (D)   None of these

(xii) Hepatitis is caused by:
(A)   Virus                                         (B)   Toxic agents
(C)   Drugs                                        (D)   All of these

(xiii) HAV is:
(A)   DNA enveloped                       (B)   DNA non-enveloped
(C)   RNA enveloped                       (D)   RNA non-enveloped

(xiv) Type of hepatitis, which causes chronic liver disease is:
(A)   Hepatitis A                               (B)   Hepatitis B
(C)   Hepatitis C                               (D)   Hepatitis D

(xv) Antibiotics cannot kill:
(A)   Streptococcus pneumonia        (B)   Staphylococcus
(C)   Hepatitis virus                          (D)   Tuberculosis bacteria

(xvi) Which one of the following is not related to cloning?
(A)   Replacement of the nucleus of zygote, by another nucleus of the same organism
(B)   Separation of an embryo to form more embryos
(C)   The individual resulting have the similar biological make up
(D)   Removal of the piece if DNA or gene from the cell and incorporating another gene or piece of DNA in its place

(xvii) Human beings can't digest cellulose because:
(A)   Cellulose is hard to chew
(B)   Cellulose can't be absorbed from small intestine after its digestion
(C)   Cellulose can't be digested because of its composition
(D)   Cellulose can't be digested because we lack enzyme to digest it


(i)        (D)                    (ii)      (A)                    (iii)      (C)                     (iv)        (B)
(v)       (D)                    (vi)     (A)                    (vii)      (D)                    (viii)      (C)
(ix)      (A)                    (x)      (C)                    (xi)       (D)                    (xii)       (D)
(xiii)    (D)                    (xiv)   (C)                    (xv)      (C)                    (xvi)      (A)
(xvii)   (D)
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