A short note on Chemiosmosis

 A short note on Chemiosmosis


In both cyclic and non-cyclic phosphorylation, the mechanism for ATP synthesis is chemiosmosis, the process that uses membranes to couple redox reactions to ATP production.

(1) Pumps Protons (H+):

Electron transport chain pumps protons (H+) across the membrane of thylakoids in case of photosynthesis into the thylakoids space.

They energy used for this pumping comes from the electrons moving through the electron transport chain.

(2) Potential Energy:

This energy is transformed into potential energy stored in the form of H+ gradient across the membrane.

(3) ATP Synthase:

Next the hydrogen ions move down their gradient through special complexes called ATP synthase which are built in the thylakoid membrane.

During this diffusion of electrons, the energy of electrons is used to make ATP

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