Taxonomy & Its Realtionship


“May be defined as study of principle rule and procedure of classification”


 “The study and description of variation of an organism

Explanation: The investigation of causes and consequences of variation and manipulation of data obtained to produce system of classification such a definition is wider then sometime given and coincide with the meaning of systematic. In fact the two term are used now a day synonymously, it should however be realised some author prefer to differentiate between them.

In which case systematic has more or less broad definition & taxonomy is restricted to study of classification.

According to sole bridge systematic more or less broad definition & its cover all relationship existing between the organism.

Systematic is concern with comparison study of organism and all relationship existing among them.

1.     Relationship of descent: also called phylogenetics relationship indicate the degree to which to individual plants are related to one another.

2.     Relationship of similarities of phenetic relationship: [morphological] indicate the degree to which to individual plant look alike not only in their external morphology but in all other aspect such as anatomy, physiology & cytology.

3.     Geographical relationship [spatial]: indicate how closely two  plants are related on the basis of geographical relationship .e.g. population of one species is found in Japan & other population in temperate America.

4.     Tropical and nutritional relationship: indicate independence that is the extent to which to individual plants depend upon each other. For example, when one is parasites on other or when both utilize the same mineral in the soil.

Although systematic deals all of these relationships phylogenetics & phenatic relationships emphasize.

In order to find the limit or extend plants are related one must compare them. Comparison is therefore the basic methodological approach of systematic.
[comparison  & distinction ]↔[species concept]

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