Biotechnology and Gene Therapy


"The molecular genetics which enables us to manipulate genetic materials for the welfare of mankind".

Desired varieties are formed by gene recombinations. These recombinant genes are made for the production of substance such as enzymes, antibiotics, and hormones needed for human use.


"The process by which faulty genes are replaced by normal genes is known as gene therapy".

Genotype and then Phenotype of organisms may be changed for important and good results by gene therapy. "Genetic engineering means manipulation of genes by man"

★ Gene Therapy in Bacteria

Many kinds of useful bacteria have been reproduced by genetic engineering:

(i) Clean up Pollutants: Some genetically engineered bacteria are used to clean up environmental pollutants.

(ii) Increase the Fertility of Soil: Certain bacteria have been engineered which increase the fertility of soil.

(iii) Kill Insects Pests: Bacteria are also used to kill insect pests.

★ Gene Therapy in Man

(i) Medical Applications: These include the production of hormones, vaccines, enzymes, antibodies, antibiotics and vitamins, and the gene therapy for some hereditary diseases.

(ii) Human insulin has been prepared by this method. It plays an important role in treating the diabetic patients.

Genetic engineering is also playing excellent role in industrial applications, environmental applications, agricultural applications and biological researches.
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